Don’t Rely On Your Strength!

I used to always complain of a lack of self control, and a lack of motivation.  In reality this only happens when I’m living in my flesh, when I’m thinking about myself and not God.  Because when my focus is God I have an abundance of self control, and a motivation that is not of this world, even towards doing the laundry!  bible verse Isaiah 41:28-31 (I did use this verse before but it’s a good one Winking smile)

If you aren’t stretched in your daily life, and you don’t NEED God you are missing out.  How can God be glorified if you do what you can do?  Only when we do what we can’t, God get’s all the glory. 

Running is something I never thought I could do.  I was the chubby girl who had to walk the mile during the middle school fitness test (lot’s of scares from those stupid tests).  Today running has become a place that God speaks to me and often because I don’t think I can run without Him because “I’m not a runner”.  So what does someone who’s not a runner do? Signs up for a half marathon?  Actually, Becca signed us up and we would love for you to join us here. Yesterday was the first time we went for an extended run since the fall (because we aren’t fans of the treadmill).  Becca says, “Let’s just do 5 miles”, I’m like “sure” thinking to myself, I’m going to die.  God carried me through it and reminded me that running is a wonderful time to spend with Him.  So here we go, my first half marathon trainingSmile

Keep taking those steps towards F.R.E.E.D.O.M. Relying on God to teach you how to take care of the amazing body you have been given!

I will leave you with a simple fruit dip that kids and adults will love, good for a snack or dessert!


Have a great day!!

Love, Shannon

Don’t’ Be Ordinary Be Extraordinary!

Ok Ladies, we get another week to get it right and be the best we can be!


This is our weekly challenge to ourselves and hopefully you will join us in making small goals every week to stay focused and be extraordinary!


Before Shower Challenge

shower challenge

Are you ready for our first of many challenges to strengthen you both physically and mentally?  The physically part is that this challenge isn’t easy and some of you won’t be able to finish one of the moves on our list but that is not what matters.  What matters at the end of the month is that #1 you did it before EVERY shower, even if for 5 minutes #2 that you give 100% pretend we are standing beside you yelling “YOU CAN DO IT!!”  #3 Write down what you accomplish on your first workout, you might not be able to do a handstand but keep trying, and by the end of the month you should see amazing progress!!!  Please leave us a note if you are taking our “Before Shower Challenge”!