Move Your Body!!

If you don’t exercise, you don’t like to exercise, or you wish you had more motivation when you exercise this is for you!

Here are some tips and tricks to get excited to move your body!

#1 Make a realistic plan– get a journal, here is mine.


It’s tattered and torn but it has workouts (4 good workouts shown), bible verses, meal plans, and water and food stains throughout.  I right down moves, reps, and even what muscles were sore the next day.  Having a plan and setting goals gives you something to achieve and work towards. Not to mention it shows you how far you’ve come!  My old workout that I called “Insane Workout” is a walk in the park now!

#2 Get a friend – or 2 or 3 when Becca and I started working out it was just the two of us. It gives you accountability, encouragement, and a little competition pushes you to do more then you would on your own.

#3 No Excuses – Everyone can come up with reasons not to exercise.  I will give you 1,000 reasons why you need to but here are my top reasons.  #1 God gave you an amazing body (same as an Olympic athlete) and if you don’t use it you lose it!   #2 the benefits are endless- more energy, better brain function, you feel good, look good, which rolls over into being a better mom, wife, friend, and employee #3 God cares about how we take care of our body and if you don’t believe me just pray “Lord please give me the motivation to exercise” and look out!  #4 It’s Fun – when you find activities you love, people you love, and keep trying something new it really becomes fun!

swim workout This morning a few of my amazing friends did a swim workout (Melissa and Amy the girls in the back both swam in college so they couldn’t wait to kick my butt in the pool).  It was something new and scary (because I sink better than I swim) but it was fun and they got us special pink swim caps for the occasion!!

#4 Just Do It – Don’t over think it and just move every day!  Try some of my 2 minute challenges at Shannonclelli on Instagram or on our You Tube Channel linked above!  Before long exercise will be a great habit, like brushing your teeth!

On your mark, get set, go!!!

New Discoveries

I had some new discoveries this past week…..
I finally walked on my hands….to some this is not exciting but for me it has been something I have wanted to do for so long.  Set small goals, take baby steps, never give up and you can do anything!!! (Next goal is to walk around the room:)


You can watch my small victory here:)

I also learned I can’t live without my shake.  I went off Shakeology for almost two weeks to see how I would feel.  Well I wanted to eat my house all day every day.  My skin got breakouts and I really didn’t feel good.  Last Monday I went back to having my shake for breakfast and I’m a new women.  Energy without coffee all day, no cravings (that is just crazy for me), not hungry (which is crazier) because I am always hungry.   So my experiment proved that my body responds so well to all the nutrition in the shake and helps me to be satisfied!!! Here was the shake I had all week, it’s new favorite!


This last discovery wasn’t and isn’t fun but God’s overwhelming lesson this past week is that He makes ALL thing beautiful!
Ecclesiastes 3:11 which says, “God has made everything beautiful for its own time.”
No matter how terrible a season of life is He promises to use it for good and Romans 8:28 “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

Back when I went to church, prayed and read my bible speratically I was a mess in my regular life.  I was filled with stress, worry, and no peace.  When life got hairy in the past I turned to food to ease my stress. I would get angry and depressed and eat, which in turn made me more angry and depressed.
This week God has carried me through a rough season of life and I am humbled by what an amazing God we have.  He wants us to know Him, to follow Him, and give Him everything so He can give us something more beautiful then we could dream or imagine for ourselves.
When I met God on the side of the road at 29 years old, I gave Him my life.  I said “take me, mold me, shape me into who you created me to be and use it for your glory!”   This time I meant it. I had said those words before but I was still holding on to my plans and my ideas. It wasn’t until I truly gave Him my life that I saw His power and who He really is!
#1 Our God is big…bigger then everything in your life, bigger then your small plans, bigger then your greatest fear.  He is so big!!
#2. He’s got it all figured out…you can try, you can plan, you can worry yourself to death…but it won’t change a thing! He has great plans for those who trust Him.
#3 He loves us soooo much!!! He wants us to trust Him, to know Him, and to love Him more then anything in this life!  He says when you seek me you will find me.
#4 It won’t always be easy but He promises to make all things beautiful!

As I start a new week especially the week of Thanksgiving I am thankful for everything God has done in my life.  Every new discovery is shaping me into who He has called me to be, and I’m thankful for everyday that I get another chance at discovering all He has in store!!


I don’t and won’t ever get everything right but as long as I keep my heart and eyes on Him I know everything will be ok!!!
With love,

What Is Your Struggle?

Obviously food and body image has been a life long struggle for me!  I started this blog with my cousin (who had a similar struggle) because for the first time in my life I felt FREE and I want everyone to have the same victory!!!

Six years ago God woke me up to who He is, why I’m here, and He has taught me to trust Him with every aspect of life.  I never realized what a problem my relationship with food was until God showed me.  I love food and eating, but it can ruin me.  Eat healthy for a day, binge the next,  start Monday, maybe next week all while I’d beat myself up every time I’d get dressed and the cycle went on since I was at least 13.  I’ve said before I’ve tried every diet only to gain the weight back!

So what changed?  It started with my boo tcamp , I invited friends to workout together and it got huge (it was so God’s doing).  At the time I  was still over weight and insecure with myself.  Then God gave me an idea to do a bible study with my boot campers and we did Made To Crave by Lysa TerKeurst here is a great interview with her and what it’s all about!

CBN TV – Lysa TerKeurst: Made to Crave.

made to crave

That bible study gave me a whole new perspective and really opened my eyes to how Satan uses food as the number one drug to destroy God’s people.

(The problem is bigger then drugs and sex combined)

With God I was able to not get skinny but get in the best shape of my life, both mentally and physically.  Now he has put me in the position to help others with the same battle and no words can say how amazing that it!!!

Step 1 – get with God!!!

Step 2 – I can give you the tools and knowledge, just reach out to me at

Step 3 – be encouraged,  find a friend or friends to go through this journey with you and if you want me to help you I will be your greatest cheerleader 🙂

The holiday’s are coming, arm yourself with the tools to not allow food to control or destroy you but fuel you in to who God designed you to be!

My mom shared this with me and I know it’s true

old proverb

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

Romans 15:13

21 Days–That’s it?!!

Here is what I’ve learned in 11 days on the 21 Day Fix and drinking Shakeology!


21 day fix

Here is what came in the mail- little containers, did I say little? It also came with an eating plan to follow and the Shakeology (I got the challenge pack which you can see here) .  The good news it allows you to eat all the foods I already eat, the bad news is the portions are cut in half Surprised smile!!  I looked at each meal before I ate it and said to myself “I am going to die, I will be starving”….I ate my meal….walked away…..and miracle of all miracles….I’m fine!!

Not starving, not dying but feeling really good Surprised smile !!!

Ready for the next shocker, I still kinda don’t believe it myself!!!


look at the middle picture- see how the bottom screen says 11 days – that is what I weighed 11 days ago (early morning weight)  and the top weight is what it said this morning Surprised smile seriously, just like that I get rid of excess food and my body drops the excess weight?  Too good to be true but here are the other numbers TOP LEFT is BMI,  TOP RIGHT is my body’s age, BOTTOM LEFT is my body fat and BOTTOM RIGHT is my muscle mass (percentage of my body that is muscle).  I would never share my scale shots with the world but this is so impressive and unbelievable to me that I had to share so that anyone can get going on this ASAP!!!

Roughly lost 7lbs, 2% body fat, kept my muscle, and decreased my BMI and body’s age.  I’m sure some of this has to do with water retention but I don’t ever see the 130’s.


I wasn’t trying to lose weight, honestly I am so happy and thankful for where God has put me!  I tried this program truly just to help others, not realizing that it would also help me.  I run a boot camp in Perkasie and I wanted to give everyone the tools they needed to really feel their best and I was searching for a simple nutrition plan.  I don’t believe in crazy diets that cut healthy food out just for the sake of calories or lose weight quick scams.  I want people to learn to eat for life, and include all the food groups to feel the best you can and that is what this plan is!

The Shakeology has been the biggest shocker for me because I was a skeptic.  I saw the videos of how amazing it is for you and all the wonderful benefits but again at $129.00 a bag I wasn’t sold.


Sold – It cost $4 a day for a meal that curbs my cravings, gives me energy, and helps me to not feel hungry ALL day long (which in turn saves me a TON of money on extra food my body doesn’t need).  The best part is the whole family loves them.  My husband has been doing the shake and nutrition plan (started 2 days after me and ate like a horse on the 4th of July) and he is down 8 lbs Smile with tongue out men stink.  My beautiful Taylor is 6, she hates vegetables, and is always hungry like her momma.  She loves the shakes, and she now gets all her veggies in a half scoop and she is NOT as hungry!!!!  Getting all your nutrients for the day in one drink does change the rest of your day!


I am so excited that so many have already joined me on this journey to be and feel their best and I can’t wait to share their story’s as well!!

I want to help anyone who is ready to stop the weight battle forever whether you have 5 or 100 pounds to lose.  With God and the right tools I know that anything is possible.  Dream Big, don’t give up, and be the amazing person God created you to be!!!

contact me at to get started!!

What are you waiting for?


I spent YEARS yo-yo dieting, here was my mental state….one minute……”I don’t care”… minute……”I’m so fat”…..”I will start Monday”…..”maybe this new diet will work.”   Until God showed me that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Relying on Him to help me with my struggle changed everything. When things are hard and I lean on Him with all my might He gives me joy in the midst.  When I lean on my own strength I am a mess….full of stress, worry, and fear.  I’ve learned that I’m God’s girl and nothing is going to stop me!


This is me today; I’ve managed to stay within 5 pounds of my transformation which was a year and a half ago.  I’ve had moments of being focused and driven.  I’ve cut out everything from my diet with Whole30 and experimented with different recipes and eating styles such as Paleo.  I’ve also had weak moments of not wanting to think about food at all and I’ve fallen off the wagon into a pit of ice cream but I haven’t given up!

I get bored easily so I’ve challenged myself (and Becca) with different workouts.  I’ve taken crossfit classes, trx, spinning, and even tried some lap swimming.  I also just went for my first bike ride of the season and I still try to go for a run here and there.  I believe fitness should be fun and when it’s not you’ve got to try something new.  I even tried resting…haha.

The best part of this journey God has put me on is that He has used me to inspire others.  Life is short and everyone should get the chance to love their body and see it’s full potential.  It took me 34 years but I know it can happen at any age, and any fitness level.  We were all created perfect, in God’s image and it is up to us to seek Him in being all He designed us to be!

I started a new journey for a few reasons #1 I want everyone to experience what they are capable of and love the body God gave them #2 I want them to inspire others #3 If it could be their job that would be amazing!!!

I own a successful smoothie franchise that I have had for 12 years.  I love my smoothie shop and hope I have it forever but I also love helping others with their fitness goals!  I could be a personal trainer? Go into nutrition? or join an amazing organization with a product I know works and give people the opportunity to make a great income, while helping others from the comfort of their own home!

That’s right


I’m sure you have heard of the company, the makers of P90X, Insanity, and Shakeology.  If you haven’t heard of them their programs are exactly what I preach – clean eating (with occasional treats), muscle and cardio combined for the most effective workout in the shortest amount of time and a smoothie to replace one of your meals!! I am running my first challenge group over the month of July.  The program is the 21Day Fix Challenge pack.  You get a simple eating plan with proper portion containers, it comes with great workouts, and a 30 day supply of Shakeology (your protein smoothie that curbs appetite, gives you energy, and all the nutrients you need for the day)! Here is what comes in the mail!

21 day fix

My husband is doing it with me and he already lost 7 pounds, so not fair!

The BEST PART of doing this program with me is that I can be your PERSONAL COACH for FREE (if you want accountability)! I want you to SUCCEED and for you to see your full POTENTIAL!!

If you want any information about the company, why I’m doing it, and how you can join me, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

So what are you waiting for?

With Love,

Who Cares About the Scale?

“Life is not about body fat and muscle tone.

It’s about where our hearts are at and His grace alone.

It’s not about the mirror or any other measurement,

but in our service to others, reflecting the Son He sent.

We’re called to honor the body,

but not for our praise or reward.

We’re just simple, humble stewards, on a mission for the Lord.

So eat right, train hard, but don’t forget your purpose,

God sees your heart and not what’s on the surface.”

This was quoted from The PrayFit Diet.  I don’t have the book but I get their daily devotional and I love the message they share.  It’s not about diet, it’s not about your size, or what the scale says it’s about honoring God in how we take care of this incredible body He’s knit together.  It’s about seeking Him in every area of our life for His glory to be revealed.  I am just a work in progress, God keeps shaping and molding my life if I let Him one day at a time.  So throw out that scale and live each day to glorify and honor God with all the blessings He has given us!

“Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men.”

Colossians 3:23

Moving On

We Trained (kind of), We Ran, and We Lived!!



This is Shannon’s perspective on the 1/2 marathon.  For those of you who love running and run marathons I have a new appreciation for what you do – that I can’t :/

Before I start my trash talking I will say I’m very glad I did this, it taught me a lot. I love running – when I feel like it (not for training), for manageable distances (before boredom and an anger towards running starts to happen), and when my body feels good (before pain sets in).  Those are all the opposites of what it takes to run marathons so that makes me NOT a runner, and I’m ok with that.

The other aspect of running long distance that was hard for me was the food issues.  Eating too much, too little and struggling to find balance during training because I was constantly hungrySad smile I hate that!

So thank you God, we are moving on!

We are doing a bootcamp right now on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 6-6:45 in the morning if you want more info you can go to here it’s free and fun!

perkasie bootcamp1

These woman inspire me more than they know!!  We have every shape, size, and fitness level you could imagine but each one pushes themselves to be better, stronger, and fitter every time.  I love them and I’m thankful that they come out early in the morning for me to kick their bootiesSmile

We all get to choose what we do with our lives, whether we sit in our comfortable zone or we push to be the best we can be.  God has shown me….


Anyone that has come to bootcamp know this is the truth but this is also true in every aspect of our lives.  My prayer is that I will never stay in my comfort zone and God will continue to teach me and grow me into the woman he designed me to be.

“Live a life worthy of the Lord and please him in every way; bearing fruit in every good work, growing in the knowledge of God.”

Colossians 1:10

One last shout out is for an organization called Sixty Feet it is an amazing story and we are having a really fun event tomorrow May 5th at Planet Smoothie in Doylestown, PA (not sure if I ever mentioned I own Planet Smoothie?)

Click on this picture to get the details, would love if you could come or at least share it with your friendsSmile


Hope you have a blessed weekend!

Love, Shannon