This blog started for Becca and I to share what God had done in our lives! Here is Becca‘s and here is mine!  Who would have thought all that God would continue to do!?!?  

This past year He took our family on a roller coaster adventure and is teaching us to trust Him even when we don’t know what’s ahead!! Becca and her family have trusted God one step at a time and her family has opened the Farm Bakery!  They have restored her grandparents recipes with healthy, quality ingredients!! They also restored the family farm so they can have weddings on the property!!

Life has changed so much since the day we began this blog but a few things haven’t changed at all.

#1 God is Amazing!  The more we learn and seek the more He reveals and the more we see His hand every day!

#2 We still love working out even if we don’t get to do it together as often!  (Sorry for the sweaty pic)

#3 We both know food is the fuel for this life.  If we eat good we feel good!  God knows we want to take good care of our bodies but we have both
found balance, Praise God!!  We can be strict and we can have an apple dumpling but ultimately food no longer controls us, all thanks to God!!

So this Christmas we want to say thank you for letting us share our stories with you and thank you for your love and support because we are all in this race together!  

Merry Christmas from our families to yours!

With love,

Shannon and Becca