Just like that God has wiped our slate clean.  All that we thought we needed, all the things we thought were important vanished in thin air!  I really hope you don’t stop reading because it’s scary.  Yes, it is terrifying to allow God to take everything you have but it is more terrifying to live your life and miss the mission he has for you.  To stand before Him and hear the words “I never knew you” is a lot more terrifying!


      It took 4 wheels and a road trip across the country to really help me and my husband lose all the ties to what we thought was important.
     Life is not about making ourselves comfortable but discovering God’s mission for our life.
   It’s so simple yet we have been blinded to what this really means.  It doesn’t mean building up a comfy life for ourself (worrying about what we drive, where we live, what we wear), coming up with great plans, and maybe even going to church on Sunday and giving 10%. 
     This is about being stripped of everything and saying,  “Lord, I am yours….my family, my money, my time, everything I am is yours and I want you to use me for your glory.”

Every detail of His creation is incredible from the depths of the ocean…..


To the shore….to the you and me!


    He is unfathomable, amazing,
incredible, and beyond all we can imagine!!

     He loves us so much and cares about EVERY detail of our lives.  He is bigger than it all, His plans are better than we could ever dream for ourselves.  The best part is He promises to be with us and carry us through it all with a love, joy, peace, patients, kindness, goodness, and faithfulness that surpasses all understanding. 

   So why in the world would you want to miss it? Why would you even for a second not give everything to God? 

    Jesus came so that we may have life and live it abundantly. John 10:10 He intercedes for us Rom.8:34 and because of Him we may speak to our Heavenly Father and ask anything in Jesus’s name John 14:13.    This relationship that we are able to have should change everything!

   Don’t look at the big picture but one day at a time.  Do what He asks of you today and you never know what tomorrow will bring!

With love,


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