Who Do We Think We Are?

     Everyday I am seeing how foolish and small we are! I remember back when I started my real fitness journey, where I started to trust God instead of every crazy diet and next gimmick that man has conjured up.  It was exciting, He showed me how to eat and how to excercise to feel amazing and be the best version of me. 

      I only became a Beachbody coach only because it is exactly what God has taught me (eat what he’s made, and use your muscles). I love being able to help people stop dieting and learn to eat and excercise for life! 

    Here is another example ……..


     Vegas…….  I was excited for my kids to see hotels with volcanos, flamingos, gondola rides, and roller coasters hanging off the top of them.  I’m not sure why? (My husband wasn’t thrilled with going either) but beatiful lesson was learned!!
     Nothing will EVER compare to the beauty God has created!  Look at those enormous Gold hotels……the sunset behind them is way better!


     Look at that waterfall that falls off the top of a mountain! It turns to snow before it lands!


     From the canyons……..


     To the arches……..


     To trees that take your breath away….


    It’s just so amazing and beyond words! 

  If God can be this creative with all that is around us why don’t we trust Him in control of every detail of our lives!  We think we can come up with something better….but I promise you can’t!!!

     You can spend your life chasing after stuff that will never bring you true happiness.  Or you can turn around and start chasing after the only one who knows what TRUE happiness is!!

     With love………Shannon

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