What Are You Missing?

    My attitude towards so many things has changed on this trip.  All the modern conveniences I’ve taken for granted and even complained about are now things I’m so thankful for!  We are surrounded with so many blessings but often we are too busy needing, wanting, and complaining about what we do have!!
    Until you are thankful you will never be happy.  It doesn’t matter what size clothes you wear, or if you are the fittest person on earth, it doesn’t matter how much money you have, or how much you’ve achieved. 
     If you aren’t thankful right where you are NOTHING will ever bring you happiness!!
     To say I’m thankful is an understament.  I wake up praising God I’m warm, that I slept good and that my family is safe.  When I make breakfast I am thankful for a stove and food in a refrigerator.  When we drive or explore I’m thankful that the camper runs and we get to experience the country as a family. I am thankful for ever dollar I have in my purse.  I’ve even learned to be thankful for water…and wait for it….laundry!!! That’s right folks a beautiful even yucky laundry mats brings me pure joy!!!! 


Even a hot shower and running water have been put on my thankful list!!
     If you don’t want to excercise today,  try being thankful you can walk.  If you feel like everything in your life is a mess, be thankful you woke up today and have another chance to get it right.  If you complain about eating vegetables I promise so many people would love to have a fresh vegetable!!


    This was the first fresh vegetables we saw in over a couple hundred miles!!

    I believe until you are thankful right where you are, you are hurting God.  Being unhappy with your circumstance only makes you miserable and makes you miss all the blessing God has right in front of you!!
   So what are you thankful for!?!
My husband has put together some great videos of our trip and there are so many more amazing videos to come!!
Head over to The Lelli Family on You Tube to see our adventures!!

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