What is driving you ?

This is still surreal for me.  It’s been 25 days on the road in our 250 sq. ft. home with my family on an adventure across the country!

It’s been amazing and life changing!! I haven’t had many “workouts” but I’ve had lots of activity….


I’m not sure which was harder snowboarding with my boys……or teaching my girls!


We have hiked mountains, climbed down into caves, rode bikes and stayed very active!

We also have eaten so many amazing things….


Beignet’s in New Orleans……


The Man vs. Food Epic Pizza in Georgia….and so many little local restaurants that have blown us away!!

I’ve managed to be balanced by having my go to healthy meals too. I’ve kept greek yogurt, egg whites, raw veggies with my favorite ranch, lots of fruit both fresh and frozen that everyone has been eating! I’ve loved having my smoothies too!! Getting all our nutrients in one shake has been great for the whole family!!  Healthy salads have been a staple too!!


Luckly the budget only let’s us go out when it’s really worth it…lol!!


The biggest change as we drive thousands of miles away from the distractions of the world is my mind feels free.  Almost like a blank canvas on which God can open my eyes to what really matters. 

The question he has for me right now is what is driving you?    Eternity or security?

On this trip we have seen some of God’s most incredible creations.  We have also traveled through and stayed in some really desolate sad towns. 

We have stayed at nice rv parks as well as Walmart parking lots!  At a few of the Walmart’s, I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been nervous.  A couple nights ago I ran through a Walmart nervous.  Our family stands out like a sore thumb and people have stood at the ends of the aisles to just stare. So I ran through, wanting to be back to the safety of our camper.

God whispers to me, really?  What is driving you?  Who has carried you, taught you, provided for you why would you miss the opportunity to love every person because of security?  Once again just as my fitness journey God said to me “this is not about you ” again, this life is not about me.   It’s about glorifying Him! 

So today I’m humbly starting over.  Lord forgive me for my selfish closed minded view and help me to see eternity as the only force driving me and my family!!!

Security is what stops us from living free to be exactly who God has designed us to be.  I can say I’ve found security in the past in food, in money, in fancy cars, in a nice home, certain clothes or even in friends. 
I’m not saying any of these things are bad but being and feeling secure can hold us back from God’s plan for our life.  So think for a moment what in your life…….what makes you feel secure?  Give it to God….just give it to Him, let Him know you want to be bold, you want to let go and trust that His plans are greater than you can imagine for yourself and that you want to live for eternity not security!

Have a beautiful day!!

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