Pinch Me!!!


This is me right now, jumping out of my skin for how amazing God is!!!

I’m not sure where to begin, but how about yesterday!

Over the past month I’ve been praying along with my children for God to soften my husband’s heart.  I had this desire to throw off what the world thinks and follow God’s direction for me and my family.  With the age of my kids and with our flexible businesses I felt like we should pull our kids out of typical school and drive across the country early in 2016. (I know that sounds crazy but I don’t care…lol) Unfortunately my husband was a brick wall “No Way, Stop talking about it, it’s not happening” were his exact words!  My desire though didn’t go away and my children and I prayed that God would soften his heart to follow what God wants us to do.  I knew if it isn’t God’s plan then I don’t want it to happen anyway!
So every night we prayed.  I also continued to look for an RV that God put on my heart…low miles, under $15,000, and enough room for our family of 6 to live comfortably.  (If you’ve ever looked into purchasing an RV you would quickly see this is impossible).
My other challenge and prayer was for someone to manage and care about my store (Planet smoothie).  I have a wonderful staff but they are young and I really needed someone to fill a bunch of spots all over the schedule as well as take more responsibility.  Not to mention I didn’t have someone to work this coming Tuesday for the start of my daughters preschool and Evan (my 9 year) was praying for someone to open the store so I could be home for his birthday next Tuesday (I’m only short handed Tuesday’s).

So back to yesterday……
My husband’s brick wall has crumbled, and his circumstances at work have freed his heart to soften.  We went to Lancaster as a family to look at an RV that God literally made for us (and we got it).  Then last night I trained the most amazing new employee who loves Planet Smoothie.  She can work all over the schedule and she is a sweetheart!!!


(that is Trey doing a happy dance!!)

I’m not sure what will happen next, or when and where this camper will take us.
I do know the most incredible part was hearing my kids praising God last night for answering ALL of their prayers in one day! Also showing them there is nothing greater to walk every day trusting God with every detail of our life!  God’s plans are more exciting then anything we could ever try and figure out on our own!!

Let Go and Let God!!!
Have a beautiful day!!

Ahhhhhh isn’t God beyond, AMAZING!?!?

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