Keepin’ it Real

It’s hard.

It’s frustrating.

It’s a pain in the butt.

BUT……It’s worth it!!!

I must admit, for me it was easier to make healthy choices when I had 50lbs to lose.  I was determined and I knew every little thing I put in my mouth was either going to help me or hurt me.

Now I’m comfortable, I feel happy and healthy so what’s wrong with a little ice cream. a slice of pizza, or an extra bowl of cereal…..I still workout?

For some people that works, they can eat anything they want in moderation.  Unfortunately it doesn’t work for meSad smile because I gain weight VERY easily! 


This is me and my friend Shannon (both Shannon). The picture on the left was us over 20 years ago Surprised smile and the picture on the right is us after a long, wonderful day at the pool catching up and meeting the latest additions to our families!  This is a painful picture to share because I don’t remember ever looking like that.  I even was so shocked by it that I asked my mom, “did I eat a lot?”  You would think by that picture that I sat around eating all day? She said that my younger sister always ate way more than me, yet she was a skinny little thing all her lifeSad smile.  I could sink into a pint of ice cream over it or even give up and say I’m doomed to be overweight and unhappy with myself the rest of my life.


Realize that God gave me this struggle for an amazing reason!  I have to rely on Him everyday with how to feed and take care of this amazing body He built and designed or I will go right back to my former self.  He knows exactly what will help me and what will harm me and if I’m not listening I will go for what harms me every time!

Have you ever felt defeated?  That your weight struggle is impossible? 

Just remember..

“nothing is impossible with God.” Luke 1:37Red heart