Two Lessons in One Weekend

So yesterday God challenged me and anyone reading this to choose the narrow path, and make the difficult choice that you know will honor God.  I really can’t believe how much this has already affected my choices in just the past 24 hours!  So right after I did the post my family went to an Ironpigs game and here is a story about fans picking a pig-out menu item

This was such a fun family activity but a huge challenge when it came to making a choice on what I should eat.  My first thought was I’m at a baseball game, you have to pig out on junk because “everyone” else is doing it. The truth is I’m not everyone else, I’m God’s girl who knows how much He loves me and wants me to take care of myself to bring Him glory.  Time to get creative…..after 2 laps around the building looking for a good option among the vendors with lines 20-30 people deep, I found my solution.  The little frozen yogurt shop with NO ONE at it.  First I loaded the large bowl with the plain fruit topping (sometimes they can be in a sugar syrup).  I got blueberries, strawberries, pineapples, and topped it with just a little vanilla frozen yogurt.  It was amazing, I was no longer hungry, and completely satisfied.  The best part is that I knew it was the narrow path and honored God!

So today I’ve been loving this new way of thinking, I’m finding excitement and power in making the tougher choice.  Even before I sat down to type this I got the house clean and dishwasher running Surprised smile Amazing!!

One chore that I usually avoid as long as I can is weeding.  So today, making a tough choice, I weeded and with that God taught me a wonderful lesson!


Ok, I have no green thumb and no landscaping ability but I built that cute little retaining wall and made flower beds leading to the front door of our house.  I did it right – dug a good foundation, took my time to stack the rocks evenly and firmly, I layed black paper, planted plants, and put a thick layer of mulch down.  For me I was thrilled with the results and everything has held up great.  Well, this wall goes across the front of my house and down the entire side.


Here is the side and this is where I did it wrong – I was so motivated in the beginning with the wall across the front and as I rounded the corner I began to lose steam.  I got lazy – instead of digging a foundation I just threw the rocks down, and instead of laying black paper I just planted the plants and put some mulch down.  Result – my wall is falling apart and all my plants died because the weeds were so bad they choked them out.


In the world you can take the shortcuts and the easy path, you can also hang out with all the weeds but you will not survive!

And the last but not least of the lessons of the day

When you try and do anything in your own strength verses relying on God


You will get Burned Sad smile

I knew in my mind I should have asked my kids to help me with the sunscreen :/

If you are taking the hard choice challenge with me please share what God shows you!!!

Have a great week!

Love, Shannon

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