Sunshine, New Sneakers, and Food

I love running outside! It was my first fitness goal I ever made, achieved, and surpassed. I wanted to be able to run the 3 mile loop around my house which at one point took me an hour to walk.  Now I am about to run a half marathon with Becca, registration is closed but for next year;) For me the trick to running is just two things

#1 Push yourself past your comfort zone and

#2 Rest. 

Every time you run you should run just a little further then you did the last time, it won’t be comfortable and you will want to stop but push as long as you can and every time you will be stronger, go further and believe it or not running becomes relaxing Surprised smile it’s true!  Rest is so important, running everyday is not good for you mentally or physically.  Too much running is hard on your body and the point of running is to help your body, not harm it.  People get obsessed with the calorie burn running can cause but what they don’t realize is that if you run too much your body gets used to it and it becomes so efficient that eventually running doesn’t burn nearly the calories it used to. Not to mention you will burn out. So RestSmile

It has been awful in PA this winter as far as the weather is concerned. Gloomy, dreary, and cold…. oh my!  Well, God has heard my cries and the past couple days have been beautiful!!  We went from freezing cold to the tropics in under 48 hours, insane! So 1/2 marathon training is in full gear (or is supposed to be).  I bought new sneakers does that count as training?  Life has been crazy and running hasn’t been happening as much as I would like. With four kids and no nanny a day time run is never going to happen and my morning window is still darkSad smile so I’ve got the shoes which I got on super sale for $85, now I just need to run! 


Easter messed me up!  Let’s just say I ignored what I should eat and ate what I knew I shouldn’t.  The worst part was I didn’t even practice moderation, and I got sugar pimples (pimples I get when I have sugar) all over my face.  Ever since I’ve cut out sugar it’s crazy how my body reacts to it when it has some #1 I can’t stop eating it It’s hard to stop eating it #2 My face breaks out.  Awesome right?  So detox has happened and I’m feeling so much better but it is awful when you first cut junk out of your diet no matter who you are!  For me the key to eating healthy is always having great things prepared.  Tonight, because of the beautiful weather I grilled up our amazing turkey burgers, a Flank Steak, and Chicken with an amazing new marinade you are going to love!  I also made a large batch of roasted vegetables (just zucchini, and baby bella mushrooms sprayed with olive oil and sprinkled with garlic salt) and sweet potatoes in a 400 degree oven.  Lastly a batch of Quinoa on the stove, I didn’t know what to eat firstSmile




We need a little fun in our diet so that we don’t binge later (like my Easter episode).  So here is a little treat that is easy and delicious!



Remember the key is balance- No Diets, No beating ourselves up, No longing for what others have!

do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own 1 Corinthians 6:19

Be full of the Holy Spirit and make God proud!

With Love, Shannon

Let me know how you like the recipes!

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