What Is Worse Than Being Sick?

So, what could be worse than being sick? Being sick with 4 kids! Our household has come down with something that is wreaking havoc in the form of fevers and miserable children. In my former way of life this would call for baking. Don’t ask me why but when I was tired, grumpy, and feeling sick baking something delicious always cheered me up! I’d lick the batter, eat it fresh out of the oven (to make sure it was safe for everyone to eat) and then eat it the rest of the day which then = feeling worse than when I started!

Be proud, No baking today!! We honestly didn’t do anything but snuggle our sick butts under the covers and watch movies. I did learn a gem of wisdom from Remy in Ratatouille. images

This little rat was very selective about what he ate. He didn’t just eat because it was food, he wanted to eat because it was delicious but also good for him.  It reminds me of a great bible verse.

“Everything permissible but not everything is beneficial.” 1 Corinthians 10:23 Aww so true!

Today I didn’t cook and thankfully we had lots of healthy stuff on hand to grab otherwise I might have ended up baking!  I also am staying far away from the gym, I wouldn’t want to infect anyone. It’s also good to give the body a rest, especially when it’s fighting illness.  The key is to not let a couple days of not going to the gym or exercise turn into a week or more.  Don’t you worry I will kill it MondaySmile

In this random, not feeling so hot post I’m going to give you a little motivation and a silly recipe!


I know, hold onto your socks this is a crazy gourmet mix. If you don’t love a pbj like me than no judging, but this is a great way for me to have a pbj with great health benefits!  Check out that fiber content:Winking smile 


I hope this finds you happy and healthier than me and my crew!

With love,


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