Recipe For A Rotten Day :/

 Crying face So this was me this morning!  My almost 1 year old is a little sick which turned into a really bad night and any of you momma’s know what I’m talking about.  After very little sleep my alarm goes off and I’m not happy.  I wanted to hit snooze but thankfully I have two things that make it really hard to NOT to go to the gym.

#1  I sleep in my workout clothes.  They are comfortable to me and if I wear real pajamas and have to change at 5am “IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!”  So if I wear my workout clothes it motivates me to just do it.  How bad would it feel taking off your workout clothes and never working out? 

#2 Becca is waiting for me! Having a partner is a gift that keeps you motivated when you have no motivation yourself.  The worst though is when you are both unmotivated and you look at each other and say “let’s go out to breakfast instead” (we haven’t done that yet but we joke about it all the time). 

These two things are the ONLY reason I got out of bed this morning.  I could go on with my crankiness and complaining about frost on my windshield, a balmy 22 degrees, and wearing the wrong clothes and almost freezing my butt off but I’ll spare you.  The long story short is I went, I spent time with God in prayer because I couldn’t keep my eyes open to read my bible and we had a great leg and shoulder day! So much to be thankful for it’s ridiculous to complain! Isn’t it amazing how yesterday I’m posting for a great day and today a rotten one? How easily we can get discouraged and give in to what we feel.  Lesson is don’t think about it just do it and it’s amazing how much you can get accomplished.  Now how can I squeeze in a napFlirt male

Here is our workout in case you want to try!  We focus on a muscle group each day and work that just once a week and we always incorporate cardio to keep our hearts thumping and calories burning.  Start slow but don’t be scared of lifting heavy weights and going until you can’t do another because that is where the magic happens! For instructions on how to do these moves with proper form checkout .