Snicker’s Won’t Satisfy

Snicker’s won’t satisfy but my 5 Ghiradelli Chocolate pieces with 10 almonds will!!  It’s amazing how this little snack can kick that craving for fat and sugar, just beware to stick with a small serving and walk away!!


What is your favorite go to sweet treat?

Before Shower Challenge

shower challenge

Are you ready for our first of many challenges to strengthen you both physically and mentally?  The physically part is that this challenge isn’t easy and some of you won’t be able to finish one of the moves on our list but that is not what matters.  What matters at the end of the month is that #1 you did it before EVERY shower, even if for 5 minutes #2 that you give 100% pretend we are standing beside you yelling “YOU CAN DO IT!!”  #3 Write down what you accomplish on your first workout, you might not be able to do a handstand but keep trying, and by the end of the month you should see amazing progress!!!  Please leave us a note if you are taking our “Before Shower Challenge”!