Snicker’s Won’t Satisfy

Snicker’s won’t satisfy but my 5 Ghiradelli Chocolate pieces with 10 almonds will!!  It’s amazing how this little snack can kick that craving for fat and sugar, just beware to stick with a small serving and walk away!!


What is your favorite go to sweet treat?

Before Shower Challenge

shower challenge

Are you ready for our first of many challenges to strengthen you both physically and mentally?  The physically part is that this challenge isn’t easy and some of you won’t be able to finish one of the moves on our list but that is not what matters.  What matters at the end of the month is that #1 you did it before EVERY shower, even if for 5 minutes #2 that you give 100% pretend we are standing beside you yelling “YOU CAN DO IT!!”  #3 Write down what you accomplish on your first workout, you might not be able to do a handstand but keep trying, and by the end of the month you should see amazing progress!!!  Please leave us a note if you are taking our “Before Shower Challenge”!



Focus– Set your goals and stay focused! The only reason people don’t reach their goals is because they lose focus!

Rely on God – God knows us better then we know ourselves, trust Him.  In His strength we can do ALL things, in our own strength we are a mess!  Trust Him with what to feed your body, and pray for the strength and motivation to exercise. We promise it is better then any energy drink!!

Eat Right – This is easier said then done but trust God and learn.  Learn what your body needs (calories in calories out)you don’t want to eat too little and of course not too much.  Hold yourself accountable with an app like My Fitness Pal or a piece of paper will work too, track everything you put in your mouth.  Then find foods that you love and are good for you, check our favorites!!

Exercise Often – When we are busy exercise is the first thing to get cut out.  Set a schedule and stick to it, you will never regret a workout! Try one of our favorites!

Don’t Give Up – You are going to mess up! You will over indulge and you will miss a workout but NEVER, EVER give up.  Don’t say“ oh I will start again on Monday” start the next hour and remember that every choice both good and bad count!! 

Overcome Obstacles – Many obstacles will come while making any transformation but with ever obstacle you conquer you WILL get stronger and those obstacles get smaller and fewer, thank God!

Motivate Others – Think of how trusting God and transforming your life will effect all those around you?  Your kids, spouse, family, friends, and even strangers will want to know how you did it.  There is nothing greater then giving God all the glory!!

We are here to say that with out a doubt, God the maker of everything knows you better then any self help book ever could!  What ever your struggle, give it to God and journey to Freedom!

Love Becca & Shannon

Set Your Goals!

This is us Becca on the left and me, Shannon on the right.  Not our best look, we would much rather be seen as fashionable, hot moms but this picture means so much more then meets the eye!  becca and shannon

We are cousins and I’ve looked up to Becca since I can remember.  Becca is two years older then me and I’ve always thought of her as a sister.  Our lives are full of crazy stories and many highs and lows which we plan on sharing as we journal our story, but back to this picture.  It all started with a dream.

Becca’s husband and brother have done a ‘kind-of’ team triathlon for the past several years that consists of a 1 mile sprint, a 1.5 mile canoe, a 14 mile bike ride, and finishes with a 5k.  It all started with a challenge from the boys that we could never beat them.  So we signed up and we began to train.

We put in the work, we sprinted, we ran far, we lifted weights, and even borrowed friends bikes since we both haven’t rode bikes since elementary school!  We started out slow but we got stronger and faster quicker then we ever thought possible and it was time to beat the boys!

This is the day that two moms in their mid 30’s came in second place for the female teams.  The boys only beat us by a couple minutes but you could tell they were scared and probably would have rather died on the course then get beat by us!  The moral of this story is focus on your dream, do the work, and I promise you will have success!

With Love, Shannon

Leftovers–Stomach or trash?

half eaten cake

I spent 33 years of my life never wanting to “waste” food until this question came to me while staring at the most delicious leftover birthday cake.  Is the left over birthday cake better in my stomach or the trash?  Is eating it really NOT wasting it?  Wow….can we say epiphany?  Birthday’s, parties, special events, and the like are wonderful celebrations and usually come with wonderful food that is terrific on occasion but not for 3 to 4 days following the event.  Here’s my new rules for parties and any time “treats” land themselves in my kitchen.  If baking your all time favorite dessert is going to cause you undue stress and over consumption “DON’T MAKE IT”  try making something you can’t sample before you even get to the party, such as cookies and bars.  Whatever you do don’t bring home leftovers and if the event is at your house give it away to those wonderfully skinny people who don’t have to worry about itSmile with tongue out  Then if you still end up with leftovers you have three options.  #1 Let you and your family consume unhealthy amounts of sugar and fat for the next couple days, #2 Freeze it in tiny portions for a later time when you need something sweet and rather then baking an entire bach of something that little frozen cookie might just hit the spot.  #3 Throw it away – easier said then done but try it it’s soooo empowering!!!  Tell me what your tricks are?