The Power of Faith

We just came back from an incredible 4 day adventure to the Creation Festival.  This is a festival with Christian bands and speakers that blew us away!! My kids absolutely loved it and seeing these incredible performers that are cool and love God is really powerful!! 

Leading up to the trip my back was bothering me.  I was sick with a yucky cough and I’m assuming I strained something in the upper middle of my back.  Each day it got a little worse. By the final night of creation…..after this beautiful sunset…..

 I felt paralyzed! !! I’m not sure I’ve had this level of pain ever…child birth, kidney stone, and this! I had no idea what was going on.  As we began to pack up our chairs and blankets my kids saw how much pain I was in.  My little Evan said “mom, I got it all don’t pick up anything”.  They packed it all up while my husband carried our sleeping 4 year old and we walked back to our camper where I fell in bed sobbing in pain.  

I prayed and asked God, “why is this happening, should I call an ambulance, what do I do!?!” Well my kids and husband surounded me and they prayed.  I went to sleep and when I woke up the next morning I was sore but the spasms were gone….GONE!!! I haven’t had a spasm since…on Sunday it was still sore but today I worked out, touched my toes and have never been so thankful to move my body!!!

Faith…it’s amazing!!! Faith is a gift from God and it comes from hearing God’s truth.  Even the demons believe in God but only the righteous live by faith!  Do you believe God can do anything? Do you believe He loves you and cares about every detail of your life? Do you know trials are the only way your faith can increase? Seeing the faith of my children is worth every pain I experienced!  For them to see God answer their prayers over and over again only grows their faith.

Whenever I talk about faith, people say….but what happens when God doesn’t answer your prayers?  I say you don’t know God!  If you know God you know His promises….there are so many I can’t even begin to list them but I know He works all things together for good, who have been called according to His purpose.”Romans 8 : 28  (are we living His purpose, or our own purpose) Even if I ended up in the hospital, even if I died.  I don’t doubt for a second that He will use it and work it together for good.  We can’t see His view.  We don’t have a clue what tomorrow holds but He does and He loves us….loves us so much and promises us so many incredible promises when we live by faith!!!  But in turn “without faith it is impossible to please God” Romans 11:6

In my bible I can go to the back and look up faith and find all the places in the bible it talks about faith.

Look up Faith….Look up promises….and inheritance….as you read God’s word, pray for faith, pray for your husband’s faith, your children’s faith….and like Jesus said, it can move mountains!!!

With love,


Let Me Get Something Straight

I recently had a conversation with someone that had me thinking, “oh my goodness, I really hope people don’t think I have it all together!”


This was me 14 years ago.  I just opened my business and the newspaper came out to do an article on me.  The other night we had dinner at my parents and my kids found this article and came running saying “who is that?”

This girl had no idea what God was going to do with her little life.  I’m just a girl with crazy struggles, insecurities, and fear that allowed God to take over.  I’m just a girl that realized I am nothing in my own strength!

If I’ve ever made it look like I have it all together, I want to be sure that everyone knows….it’s only God!! I don’t even know what I’m doing tomorrow because God says, “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” It’s minute by minute for me.

Sometimes I bust out awesome healthy food


Like my roasted veggies, zucchini noodles, with poached eggs on top!

Other days I want cake……

I’ve prayed for food not to be my temptation, I’ve prayed for God to just take it away.  It’s my one strong prayer that He hasn’t answered the way I would like but…..

“he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.”

This is me…..I am so weak especially in the area of food and it is the one thing I can NOT conquer in my own strength!!! I can’t wait to see Jesus in heaven with a banquet feast set up just for me….haha!!!

I’m in the middle of a bible study called (un)qualified and it’s talking about how God can use our greatest weakness for His glory!! Interesting…..what is your greatest weakness?

Can’t Stop Crying On My Birthday!!

It’s only 8:30am on my 38th birthday and I can’t stop the tears from flowing!!!

I’m overwhelmed with the love of everyone around me, I’m overwhelmed by what God has done in my life, and I’m overwhelmed by how I don’t deserve any of it!!!

I’m actually not a fan of birthday’s, I do love celebrating other people but not my own!  I would be happy for it to just slip past and no one notice. For me it’s better to have zero expectations and then I’m never disappointed.

I had zero expectations for this day and I am already in disbelief and overwhelmed with love!!

I’m so thankful for over 40 women singing Happy Birthday to me at 6 o’clock in the morning.  I’m so thankful for the amazing women in my life who brought a birthday breakfast and even coffee to my morning bootcamp.  I’m so thankful for my 4 kids and husband loving on me with joy and cards that made me cry!  I’m thankful for the love of my staff (at my smoothie shop) who just mean the world to me!   I’m thankful for parents and family who love and encourage all my craziness!  Over everything, I’m so thankful to God who has put all this in my life…. all of which is so overwhelming!!

I’m just a girl, who loves God with all her heart, I take one day at a time and just do what He asks me to do and nothing describes my life better then this promise in the bible!

” Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us”
Ephesians 3:20
He has done exceedingly, abundantly beyond all I could ask or think and I’m just beyond words thankful and overwhelmed!
So it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to;)
Thank you and love you,




     Just like that God has wiped our slate clean.  All that we thought we needed, all the things we thought were important vanished in thin air!  I really hope you don’t stop reading because it’s scary.  Yes, it is terrifying to allow God to take everything you have but it is more terrifying to live your life and miss the mission he has for you.  To stand before Him and hear the words “I never knew you” is a lot more terrifying!


      It took 4 wheels and a road trip across the country to really help me and my husband lose all the ties to what we thought was important.
     Life is not about making ourselves comfortable but discovering God’s mission for our life.
   It’s so simple yet we have been blinded to what this really means.  It doesn’t mean building up a comfy life for ourself (worrying about what we drive, where we live, what we wear), coming up with great plans, and maybe even going to church on Sunday and giving 10%. 
     This is about being stripped of everything and saying,  “Lord, I am yours….my family, my money, my time, everything I am is yours and I want you to use me for your glory.”

Every detail of His creation is incredible from the depths of the ocean…..


To the shore….to the you and me!


    He is unfathomable, amazing,
incredible, and beyond all we can imagine!!

     He loves us so much and cares about EVERY detail of our lives.  He is bigger than it all, His plans are better than we could ever dream for ourselves.  The best part is He promises to be with us and carry us through it all with a love, joy, peace, patients, kindness, goodness, and faithfulness that surpasses all understanding. 

   So why in the world would you want to miss it? Why would you even for a second not give everything to God? 

    Jesus came so that we may have life and live it abundantly. John 10:10 He intercedes for us Rom.8:34 and because of Him we may speak to our Heavenly Father and ask anything in Jesus’s name John 14:13.    This relationship that we are able to have should change everything!

   Don’t look at the big picture but one day at a time.  Do what He asks of you today and you never know what tomorrow will bring!

With love,


Who Do We Think We Are?

     Everyday I am seeing how foolish and small we are! I remember back when I started my real fitness journey, where I started to trust God instead of every crazy diet and next gimmick that man has conjured up.  It was exciting, He showed me how to eat and how to excercise to feel amazing and be the best version of me. 

      I only became a Beachbody coach only because it is exactly what God has taught me (eat what he’s made, and use your muscles). I love being able to help people stop dieting and learn to eat and excercise for life! 

    Here is another example ……..


     Vegas…….  I was excited for my kids to see hotels with volcanos, flamingos, gondola rides, and roller coasters hanging off the top of them.  I’m not sure why? (My husband wasn’t thrilled with going either) but beatiful lesson was learned!!
     Nothing will EVER compare to the beauty God has created!  Look at those enormous Gold hotels……the sunset behind them is way better!


     Look at that waterfall that falls off the top of a mountain! It turns to snow before it lands!


     From the canyons……..


     To the arches……..


     To trees that take your breath away….


    It’s just so amazing and beyond words! 

  If God can be this creative with all that is around us why don’t we trust Him in control of every detail of our lives!  We think we can come up with something better….but I promise you can’t!!!

     You can spend your life chasing after stuff that will never bring you true happiness.  Or you can turn around and start chasing after the only one who knows what TRUE happiness is!!

     With love………Shannon

What Are You Missing?

    My attitude towards so many things has changed on this trip.  All the modern conveniences I’ve taken for granted and even complained about are now things I’m so thankful for!  We are surrounded with so many blessings but often we are too busy needing, wanting, and complaining about what we do have!!
    Until you are thankful you will never be happy.  It doesn’t matter what size clothes you wear, or if you are the fittest person on earth, it doesn’t matter how much money you have, or how much you’ve achieved. 
     If you aren’t thankful right where you are NOTHING will ever bring you happiness!!
     To say I’m thankful is an understament.  I wake up praising God I’m warm, that I slept good and that my family is safe.  When I make breakfast I am thankful for a stove and food in a refrigerator.  When we drive or explore I’m thankful that the camper runs and we get to experience the country as a family. I am thankful for ever dollar I have in my purse.  I’ve even learned to be thankful for water…and wait for it….laundry!!! That’s right folks a beautiful even yucky laundry mats brings me pure joy!!!! 


Even a hot shower and running water have been put on my thankful list!!
     If you don’t want to excercise today,  try being thankful you can walk.  If you feel like everything in your life is a mess, be thankful you woke up today and have another chance to get it right.  If you complain about eating vegetables I promise so many people would love to have a fresh vegetable!!


    This was the first fresh vegetables we saw in over a couple hundred miles!!

    I believe until you are thankful right where you are, you are hurting God.  Being unhappy with your circumstance only makes you miserable and makes you miss all the blessing God has right in front of you!!
   So what are you thankful for!?!
My husband has put together some great videos of our trip and there are so many more amazing videos to come!!
Head over to The Lelli Family on You Tube to see our adventures!!


What is driving you ?

This is still surreal for me.  It’s been 25 days on the road in our 250 sq. ft. home with my family on an adventure across the country!

It’s been amazing and life changing!! I haven’t had many “workouts” but I’ve had lots of activity….


I’m not sure which was harder snowboarding with my boys……or teaching my girls!


We have hiked mountains, climbed down into caves, rode bikes and stayed very active!

We also have eaten so many amazing things….


Beignet’s in New Orleans……


The Man vs. Food Epic Pizza in Georgia….and so many little local restaurants that have blown us away!!

I’ve managed to be balanced by having my go to healthy meals too. I’ve kept greek yogurt, egg whites, raw veggies with my favorite ranch, lots of fruit both fresh and frozen that everyone has been eating! I’ve loved having my smoothies too!! Getting all our nutrients in one shake has been great for the whole family!!  Healthy salads have been a staple too!!


Luckly the budget only let’s us go out when it’s really worth it…lol!!


The biggest change as we drive thousands of miles away from the distractions of the world is my mind feels free.  Almost like a blank canvas on which God can open my eyes to what really matters. 

The question he has for me right now is what is driving you?    Eternity or security?

On this trip we have seen some of God’s most incredible creations.  We have also traveled through and stayed in some really desolate sad towns. 

We have stayed at nice rv parks as well as Walmart parking lots!  At a few of the Walmart’s, I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been nervous.  A couple nights ago I ran through a Walmart nervous.  Our family stands out like a sore thumb and people have stood at the ends of the aisles to just stare. So I ran through, wanting to be back to the safety of our camper.

God whispers to me, really?  What is driving you?  Who has carried you, taught you, provided for you why would you miss the opportunity to love every person because of security?  Once again just as my fitness journey God said to me “this is not about you ” again, this life is not about me.   It’s about glorifying Him! 

So today I’m humbly starting over.  Lord forgive me for my selfish closed minded view and help me to see eternity as the only force driving me and my family!!!

Security is what stops us from living free to be exactly who God has designed us to be.  I can say I’ve found security in the past in food, in money, in fancy cars, in a nice home, certain clothes or even in friends. 
I’m not saying any of these things are bad but being and feeling secure can hold us back from God’s plan for our life.  So think for a moment what in your life…….what makes you feel secure?  Give it to God….just give it to Him, let Him know you want to be bold, you want to let go and trust that His plans are greater than you can imagine for yourself and that you want to live for eternity not security!

Have a beautiful day!!